Thank you (a gazillion) to those of you who have pledged on my campaign & those considering contributing but missed the pledge deadline, it’s all good – You can still back #REVERIE by spreading the word on your social media network. To those who are able to give, want to give more, love the music and the Didi Benami project/s – we have added an option on the website to contribute and help us raise the production value of the new music video for Lost At Sea, among other hard costs not covered by the PledgeMusic campaign (- which is going towards marketing and production costs).
I can’t describe how deeply appreciative I am to all the pledgers and how every pledge, every donation, counts. Nonetheless, we still have a ways to go.
I was TERRIFIED to begin a crowd funded campaign- and then realized that this is an amazing opportunity for Us to make things happen together.
My producer, writers and I made an awesome first work of art that I am so proud of. Through the help & encouragement of friends, the INCREDIBLE producer, Billy Mohler, a rockin’ team, incredible fans and people & teachers I’ve met along the way, Reverie has come to fruition.
We’d love to get on tour to meet you all and play live for you on your city and YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE and help make it happen!
Amanda Palmer wrote in great detail the costs of keeping a career going as a musician now that times have changed and we are independently funding our projects to get the music out. Please take a few minutes and read the article, and or watch her compelling TED Talk.
– D

What's in it for you? You may ask. (Click to see.)
:: You’ll get our endless gratitude!
:: For amounts $25 and up, we will send a signed CD (postage included)** if you provide a shipping information.
** For international fans, please add $10 to receive a signed CD to cover postage.