‘Reverie’ full-length debut album complete tracklist

Pre-order “REVERIE” the full-length debut album via PledgeMusic. Coming in Spring 2014.


1. “Trouble”

2. “Heartstrings”

3. “Till I Find You”

4. “Lost At Sea”

5. “Watching and Waiting”

6. “Picture Perfect”

7. “Shine”

8. “Out From Under / Recover”

9. “Release Me”

10. “Hummingbird”

Exclusive Premiere: #Trouble Video On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

Didi Benami Battles Her Evil Doppelgänger in ‘Trouble’ Video

Wherever singer-songwriter Didi Benami goes, she seems to be pestered by her wicked alter-ego. The former American Idol contestant has released the music video for her introspective single, “Trouble,” and RyanSeacrest.com has the exclusive premiere.

The Nicholas Militello-directed visual finds the 27-year-old fleeing from a muscle car along a deserted road. The clip fluctuates between shots of the singer portraying both her good and bad side while howling the hypnotic lyrics inside a sparsely-lit room.

In the final scene, she hops in the car driven by her evil counterpart, and the two engage in a symbolic battle over the steering wheel. Didi reveals that her good side always prevails when she gains control and sits in the driver’s seat. “Trouble,” available for download on iTunes now, is the lead single off her forthcoming debut album, Reverie.

via Marc Inocencio | On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

#Trouble is coming your way! Second single off #Reverie album available March 11th

“Trouble go away.
Trouble not today…”


Oiy, oiy! I’m thrilled to announce the upcoming release and music video of my second single “Trouble” from the full-length debut album REVERIE, out on March 11th!

For me, Trouble is a culmination of my own darkness, memories, & circumstances that could have held me back or in any way pushed me down. It was about calling on the light, the strength, the rebel fighter in me who won’t give up and trusting it to win the battle in my darkest hours.

My record producer Billy Mohler (The Calling, Kelly Clarkson, AWOLNATION) and co writer Jamie Drake (who co wrote Picture Perfect on the upcoming album)  captured that battle brilliantly in Trouble. With this song, I knew Billy understood exactly the kind of record I wanted to make and it sealed the deal for me.

I’m also proud to share with you the music video for Trouble,  directed by Nick Militello and produced by Jordan Finnegan. In the video the light self meets the dark self… It’s going to be an interesting battle…

Lastly, we are at the homestretch of the PledgeMusic Campaign! I couldn’t have more gratitude and thank you enough for your support and pledges! I feel so blessed to have people like you in my life, allowing me to make this record happen!

Since the launch, we reached 100% of our base goal in less than one week (WOW!) and we have until March 21st to go even further– help fund production costs and hire the best team possible!

If you haven’t yet, pre-order #REVERIE and 10% of your pledge will go to support one of my favorite non profit organizations, ARGUS SERVICE DOGS FOUNDATION – who match a service dog with either a disabled veteran or other disabled person to make their life easier. Along with helping contribute to two great causes, you’ll be getting exclusives straight from me. #LETSDOTHIS. #Reverie. #Makeithappen. Pledge now!

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