Endless gratitude to the following who in a lot of ways brought me from here to there…

Mommy Benami: For being the most amazing mother ever. Period.

Dad: For doing the best you could for the family and for realizing that life is too short not to be closest to the ones you love.

GOD: For giving me warmth, strength, courage, passion, love, forgiveness every time I mess up, and holding me in your loving arms always.

To my beautiful sisters Maya and Elinor who I look up to so much; who have always been there for me no matter what and no matter how far. Love you chicas!!

Uncle Eli: for endlessly being a supportive, loving uncle always and for being a shoulder to lean on.

The Lear Family: For Rebecca and for your continued support throughout this journey- God Bless you all and all the tears we have cried. You all are Gems. The whole family of wonderful souls.

Uncle Will: For being the most unconditional selfless, loving, easy to talk to, coolest dude. Thank you for housing me in the most tumultuous periods of my life and making sure I have always been taken care of even if it meant you were risking one of us burning the house down… and for pushing me to pursue and focus on my artistry at all times. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me.

Randy Morgan: For being the best older brother in the world. Need I say more? I couldn’t have done it without you. Much love bro! Thank you for always being there! You are the greatest big brother I could ever have asked for and instrumental in helping me survive the craziness of LA. Thank you so much!

Erika Finney: For being my guiding light and leading me back to God every single time I fall or lose sight of what I was put here to do in the first place.

Josh Guberman: For being my cool, rockin’ cousin and really helping me through tough times. If it wasn’t for you lots of things would not have changed. You are one of the most solid, hard-working, genuine, amazing people in my life and I look up to you so much.

Mae Rogers: For being the all star that she is. Can’t say enough about this woman. She’s kept the fansite alive- took her time to make this site and is one of the sweetest people in the world. A total God send and has made my life so much easier. Love her to bits and pieces and am so blessed and grateful to have her as part of my life and team.

Eliza Roberts: For being my most wonderful friend and acting coach who can pull things out of me I didn’t even know existed. For being sharp, on it, teaching me to be a “yes” woman and for just plain being awesome. For being loving, kind, graceful, gracious and always welcoming me with open arms. You are incredible. Just like Superwoman.

Crystal Bowersox: For always being such a great friend, for all your advice. For being the insanely talented musician that you are. For your work ethic and being the dedicated mother you are to your boy. Thank you for always looking out. I love you MommaSox, “little man” Tony, and Brian

Billy Mohler, Annaliese, Jeff Sojka, Josh Zegan, Mikal Blue, Jason Reeves, Kyler England, Chris Seefried, Justin Gray, Jordan Lawhead, Keaton Simons, Laura Goldfarb, Makana Rowan, Rocco, PanHead, Renaldo, Jon Ingoldsby, Drew Tarver (HILARIOUS). Rickey Minor, Dorian Holley, Michael Orland, Matt Rhode, Debra Byrd, Angelique, Davey G, Christopher Eric and Jeremey Koff. Everyone @ Koffeehouse Music that has supported me through the years.

All of the friends I made on the show– Everyone I’ve met through the music circuit… Thank you times a gazzilion and then some. Words that could never properly describe how instrumental and undeniably important and inspirational you all are in my life. Musical adventures continue on because of the inspiration you all have ignited deeply in my soul.

My devoted and dedicated fans!!
Each and everyone of you. For believing in me, for inspiring me to make beautiful music. I am here because of you. Keep being the light and love that you are. I love you with all my heart.

To my band: Adam Tressler on guitar (also plays with Jennifer Hirsch) and James Williams on percussion (who has toured with one of my favorite people and artists (Brendan James) and everyone who has played with me over the years –including Gavi, Dov, Joel, Jason, and Wes (who will be playing with my band in NY).

To Shirley Halperin & Thom Halperin: for recording “Unstoppable” for Keaton and I. I LOVE YOU BOTH! Shirley you are uuuuhhhmmmaazzing!!!

To all the radio DJ’s that I have met and had wonderful conversations with, and all the press junket people: THANK YOU!

Monica and Neil: for doing the incredible art that you do. I am so thankful for you two, for EVERYTHING you did every day on tour and for our chats; I love you all.

Sheree and Kunal over at Kareena’s Trends and Beaded Goddess for clothing me with the most beautiful clothing line! Love you all!

Ian, Nancy, Joe, Zan, Danni, Jessica, Lindsey, Kevin –19 entertainment, Fremantle, FORD (Alicia, Renee, all of you!), Megan, Kathleen, Patrick, and everyone on production staff. Everyone at Idol’s Live! Tour (including Raj, Rita, the BAND!!! Dave K, Brandon B, Gordon, Tim, Andy!!) Could not have done it without you… you all are so extraordinary and supportive. You have really changed my life for the better. I am so much better in every aspect from artist to business woman because I met you!!

Everyone at FOX and American Idol.com- THANK YOU!
Ken Warwick, Simon Fuller, Mike Darnell, Wenda Fong, Missy Halperin, Diana Desio, Marc Cittadino, Miles Crakow and EVERYONE OVER THERE…THANK YOU- So grateful for you all.

Simon, Kara, Ellen, and Randy: For your loving words of support and honest criticism, and even your uncensored ability to-tell-the-truth no matter what… Even if it sucked to hear sometimes… I know it was always meant with the best intentions and to make me a better artist. I am a better artist and person because of you all.

Everyone in Wichita, Knoxville, New York, Lindsay R, Martina Silas

Nick & Bobby: for giving the best advice

Joel Eckels: I couldn’t put into words how much you mean to me and how much you have helped me grow over the years. You are my best friend and have always been so supportive of me. You are one of the most incredible people I have ever met. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I know I can always count on you for anything and vise versa. Thank you for being amazing to me. God Bless you in every way Joel, I wish nothing but the best for you always.

To those who shall remain nameless, to all the people I have crossed paths with in my life, I could go on forever. You know who you are. Thank you so much…


much love and light, Didi