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Didi Benami offers up a sneak peek at her debut album Reverie (out September 30th), offering up two tracks: Trouble and Lost At Sea, alongside an acoustic version of the song “Terrified”.

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PR: Didi Benami releases debut single “Gasoline” on May 23, 2012



LOS ANGELES, CA – The wait is over! Singer Songwriter Didi Benami independently releases her debut single “Gasoline” on May 23, 2012. An honest and bittersweet song about letting go or hanging on- Gasoline embarks on a journey of love and relationship. The lyrics are fragile as they are fearless. The music reflects nostalgia, of yearning for the past however troublesome or dark, and ultimately, of acceptance and coming to terms.


Didi Benami captivated the hearts of millions with her one-of-a-kind voice, endearing charm, and emotional performances as a finalist on the 9th season of American Idol.


Born in New York City, Didi moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, at the age of seven. A self-taught guitar player, Didi has been performing for audiences her entire life. While she always had a passion for music, it was not until she lost her best friend and Belmont University roommate, Rebecca Joy Lear, in a car accident, that Didi began to pursue music as a career. Didi firmly believes “you never know what is going to happen tomorrow, so you might as well do what you love today. Tomorrow is not a promise.”


Gasoline will be included in the yet untitled EP with all original songs co-written by Didi scheduled for release late this year.


Didi describes her music as a “soulful, rock-pop” sound, with organic roots — a new kind of pop, but still confessionals that are “truthful and real.”


Gasoline is a collaboration with prolific singer/songwriters Justin Gray and Chris Seefried who both also produced the song. The recording is mastered by Grammy award winning mastering engineer Brad Blackwood of Euphonic Masters.


To help promote “Gasoline” on Twitter, please use hashtag #Gasoline to talk about the single!
To learn more about Didi: visit her Official site | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Reverbnation | YouTube | IMDB | MySpace | Tumblr


About Justin Gray | About Chris Seefried | About Brad Blackwood

Music Credits



“Gasoline” written by Didi Benami. Justin Gray. Chris Seefried . Produced by: Justin Gray. Chris Seefried | Lyrics





“If I hadn’t Forgotten” Keaton Simons featuring Didi Benami





American Idol 9 CD Compilation
Track 9 – Play with Fire
(The Rolling Stones)


“Made of Love” written by Didi Benami and Kyler England | 2011
“Don’t (Your Heart Knows Best)” written by Didi Benami. Jason Reeves. Makana Rowan | 2011
“Crash or Burn” written by Didi Benami and Josh Zegan
Produced by Jeff Sojka | 2011
“Release Me” written by Didi Benami and Chris Seefried | 2011



“Sweet Rain” by Didi Benami Co-Written and Produced by Rocco Guarino | 2008

“No Destination” by Rebecca Joy Lear | Franki Vincie and Brian Nelson

Songwriters / Producers collaboration

Keaton Simons | Jordan Lawhead | Jon Ingoldsby | Mikal Blue | Deron Johnson | Richard Harris

| Bryce Soderberg | Jared Faber | Thom Halperin


The Band

On guitar: Adam Tressler | On percussion: James Williams

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