• :: a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream
    :: a state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing: lost in reverie#Reverie: noun. ˈre-və-rē, ˈrev-rē\
  • “We were in lost time, You were just like light
    I’m on your side, but it can’t feel right
    on your side…”Didi Benami . Watching And Waiting
  • “Release me, I’m not breaking down
    Believe me, I’m moving forward faster than you ever have…”Didi Benami . Release Me
  • “If hope’s a spark that lights the dark
    Then I’ll stand here until it starts to fall apart…”Didi Benami . Gasoline


‘Reverie’ full-length debut album complete tracklist

Pre-order “REVERIE” the full-length debut album via PledgeMusic. Coming in Spring 2014. Tracklist 1. “Trouble” 2. “Heartstrings” 3. “Till I Find You” 4. “Lost At Sea” 5. “Watching and Waiting” 6. “Picture Perfect” 7. “Shine” 8. “Out From Under / Recover” 9. “Release Me” 10. “Hummingbird”

Exclusive Premiere: #Trouble Video On-Air with Ryan Seacrest

Didi Benami Battles Her Evil Doppelgänger in ‘Trouble’ Video Wherever singer-songwriter Didi Benami goes, she seems to be pestered by her wicked alter-ego. The former American Idol contestant has released the music video for her introspective single, “Trouble,” and RyanSeacrest.com has the exclusive premiere. The Nicholas Militello-directed visual finds the

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