“Gasoline” written by Didi Benami. Justin Gray. Chris Seefried . Produced by: Justin Gray. Chris Seefried | Lyrics





“If I hadn’t Forgotten” Keaton Simons featuring Didi Benami





American Idol 9 CD Compilation
Track 9 – Play with Fire
(The Rolling Stones)


“Made of Love” written by Didi Benami and Kyler England | 2011
“Don’t (Your Heart Knows Best)” written by Didi Benami. Jason Reeves. Makana Rowan | 2011
“Crash or Burn” written by Didi Benami and Josh Zegan
Produced by Jeff Sojka | 2011
“Release Me” written by Didi Benami and Chris Seefried | 2011



“Sweet Rain” by Didi Benami Co-Written and Produced by Rocco Guarino | 2008

“No Destination” by Rebecca Joy Lear | Franki Vincie and Brian Nelson

Songwriters / Producers collaboration

Keaton Simons | Jordan Lawhead | Jon Ingoldsby | Mikal Blue | Deron Johnson | Richard Harris

| Bryce Soderberg | Jared Faber | Thom Halperin


The Band

On guitar: Adam Tressler | On percussion: James Williams

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