“Watching And Waiting” Lyrics

Watching And Waiting

(Ahhhhhh Ahh’s)
We were quiet in the car just listening to the rain
From the lines on your face
I knew it wouldn’t be the same
Just a bump along road
Nothing to be ashamed
The silence of my heart was
Driving you away

You were just in time, You were just like light
You were mine but it’s just not right

Watching and waiting
For something to change me
Is leaving you hanging and only taking all your time
The hard thing is learning from
The pain and the hurting cause
Watching and waiting
I know you’re gonna find your way

(Ahhhhhh Ahh’s)
It’s been too long
The glass is cold
You’re all I know and tears explode
Been a long time coming
The wind starts blowing
It’s taking me away

We were in lost time, You were just like light
I’m on your side, but it can’t feel right
on your side, but it can’t feel right, On your side


(Find your wayyyy)

Listen carefully build a wall from me
So I can’t see you don’t wanna hurt you
Don’t wait patiently, that won’t do a thing

Ahhhhh Ah’s Find your way
Your way
Your way

© 2014

Music Credits



“Gasoline” written by Didi Benami. Justin Gray. Chris Seefried . Produced by: Justin Gray. Chris Seefried | Lyrics





“If I hadn’t Forgotten” Keaton Simons featuring Didi Benami





American Idol 9 CD Compilation
Track 9 – Play with Fire
(The Rolling Stones)


“Made of Love” written by Didi Benami and Kyler England | 2011
“Don’t (Your Heart Knows Best)” written by Didi Benami. Jason Reeves. Makana Rowan | 2011
“Crash or Burn” written by Didi Benami and Josh Zegan
Produced by Jeff Sojka | 2011
“Release Me” written by Didi Benami and Chris Seefried | 2011



“Sweet Rain” by Didi Benami Co-Written and Produced by Rocco Guarino | 2008

“No Destination” by Rebecca Joy Lear | Franki Vincie and Brian Nelson

Songwriters / Producers collaboration

Keaton Simons | Jordan Lawhead | Jon Ingoldsby | Mikal Blue | Deron Johnson | Richard Harris

| Bryce Soderberg | Jared Faber | Thom Halperin


The Band

On guitar: Adam Tressler | On percussion: James Williams

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